Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Aeternus - ...And So The Night Became

…And So The Night Became was the second Black Metal album I ever bought when I was just 13.  I remember being initially reeled in by the ultra-grim, black and red cover.  Back then I was rather on the fence about it because of its dreary, repetitive nature.  Now, listening to it with mature ears I realize just how much of an overlooked gem it really is.  Until their most recent album, this was Aeternus’ best work full of memorable riffs, tight musicianship and great atmosphere.  What really sets this album apart, though, is the quality of the clean, slow parts.  You see, in most Metal, folk instruments and clean guitars are really just a novelty.  Aeternus are such well-rounded musicians, though, that their mellow moments are every bit as good as the Blackness that is the bulk of their material.  Like Setherial’s Nord, and Emperor’s Anthems,  …And So The Night Became represents the best of the late 90’s Norwegian scene.

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