Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Illuminati - The Core

These guys really had me fooled.  I was absolutely convinced that this was an Atheist side project, and to those of us that have been waiting persistently for the follow-up to Jupiter, The Core is the next best thing.  Of course, the Atheist comparisons make more sense when you read that Kelly Shaefer and Tony Choy guest on the album.  In fact, the guest spots on here are a literal "who's who?" of Prog Death with: Patrick Mameli (Pestilence), Luc Lemay (Gorguts), and Tymon Kruidenier (Cynic) all making noticeable appearances.  What prevents me from totally soiling myself with excitement are the "conceptual" spoken word tracks between each song (which leave only 22 mins of actual musical material).  Even if I understood Romanian I would still think they were just worthless fillers.  Even so The Core is still a tremendously promising effort.  Next time though, can you give us a full album please?

Boss Keloid - The Calming Influence of Teeth

This band has probably the worst name I've come across all year.  Suprisingly, though, they produce some of the best "Beard Metal" I've heard in some time as well.  Imagine a hybrid of Crowbar and Kylesa, only mathier.  The production is decent, but I wish it had the seismic low-end of those old Crowbar jams.  Pretty sweet overall.  Definitely recommended!