Monday, July 1, 2013

Deeds of Flesh - Portals to Canaan

Say what?  Why is Deeds of Flesh (often considered the most boring Brutal Death band) on this blog?  Well, it's because DoF have changed a lot in the past ten years.  They've created one of the top Death Metal albums of the year.  Like Unleashed did a year ago and Hate Eternal did the year before, Deeds of Flesh have shed the shackles of mediocrity and have started to write worth while music.  Portals to Canaan very much has the "Unique Leader" sound; cleanly produced Suffocation-style Death, fast and technical.  But they still manage to leave just enough human feel to make it listenable.  Deeds haven't redefined the genre, but they have laid down a beyond-solid effort for Death freaks by Death freaks.

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