Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coins as Portraits - Form and Structure, Storm and Fracture

If you're still awake after reading that title, you will get to enjoy the over-the-top mathiness this album offers.  Discordant as all hell, but thankfully has a smooth production to take some of that edge off.  The vocal and riffing styles are what you would expect from Progressive Grind, but it's the drumming that stands out the most here.  This guy's kit must be huge, 'cause I'm hearing all sorts of weird percussion sounds; from cowbells to what sounds like a xylophone?  Needless to say, the beats are also super dynamic and complex.  With all the controlled noise that's going on, it's definitely not "memorable" in a "catchy" way at all, but it does bring a few new twists to the table.  Definitely worth a listen if you like your music to fuck with you a little bit (or a lot bit).

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